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PerformHappy with Rebecca Smith

Sep 24, 2022

Today Coach Rebecca Smith covers a hot topic! Does your athlete have a mental block or just poor work eithic?

Can we do more harm than good by pushing our athletes when they do have a mental block?

Sep 17, 2022

Does your coach focus on the negatives and tend to not give your athlete positive reinforcement?

Today Coach Rebecca Smith covers how to talk to your athlete about it, how to talk to their coach, how to open the lines of communication, and when to think about switching gyms.

Sep 10, 2022

Today Coach Rebecca Smith talks all about athlete motivation and how to help them get motivated with her guest Dr. Brian Hite.

Sep 3, 2022

When the kids get busy, life gets busy. When life gets busy the house can get chaotic.

Join Coach Rebecca Smith and Brittany Jones as they share some tips and tricks to keep the house in order.

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