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PerformHappy with Rebecca Smith

Aug 27, 2022

When your athlete is struggling you want nothing more than to help them!

Today Coach Rebecca Smith will give you all the things NOT to say when you are watching them struggle.

Aug 20, 2022

Today Coach Rebecca Smith talks the struggles of finding balance and learning from failure within competitive sports.

She is joined by Dr. Samantha Jackson and together they cover it all.

Aug 13, 2022

Dealing with mental blocks is something athletes in every sport can struggle with.

Today Coach Rebecca Smith speaks with 3x Olympic diver Laura Wilkinson about her tips, tricks, and hacks to a better mental game.

Aug 6, 2022

It's no secret that sometimes we need an athlete to pick up a skill, and fast.

Today Coach Rebecca Smith talks about the ins and outs of helping an athlete pick up a skill in a time crunch.