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PerformHappy with Rebecca Smith

Nov 28, 2020

On today's podcast, we'll be doing day 1 of a four-part mental block breakthrough series. So if you are dealing with a mental block or a fear in your sport, on a specific skill, you're freezing up, you're hesitating, you've had a major confidence drop, then this series is for you. Day 1 is going to talk about why a...

Nov 21, 2020

On today's podcast, I'm going to give you three tips that will help you to develop the superpower of champions called patience.

Nov 14, 2020

On today's podcast, I'm going to take you through the top 10 reasons that athletes get mental blocks so that you will know the answer to why this thing happens.

Nov 7, 2020

On today's podcast, I am talking about why you are still dealing with a mental block, and here's a hint... your brain is not the problem, your brain does not need to be tricked into doing skills, and here is what you need to do instead.