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PerformHappy with Rebecca Smith

Jan 23, 2021

On today's podcast, I am going to talk about the biological reason why athletes meltdown under pressure, the main difference between the people who thrive under pressure and the ones who don't, and the one thing you need to change in order to increase your consistency in competition.

Jan 16, 2021

On today's podcast, I am going to give you the scoop on the one thing you need that can make your sport career a success. So this is going to involve redefining success a little bit. I'm going to talk about what you have to do before you can start to feel successful and that one thing you need and 9 ways to get it.

Jan 9, 2021

On today's podcast, I have the pleasure of interviewing Lauren Early, the 6 time back to back world champion in competitive Irish dance and we're going to dig into the mindset that helped her push through, keep at it, and stay positive through this amazing sports journey.

Jan 2, 2021

On today's podcast, I'm talking to you if your gym is shutdown. I know some people are going back into lockdown for COVID so here are some tips on how to keep your confidence up even if you've got some big changes happening that are making you feel less confident.

Dec 26, 2020

On today's podcast, I'm going to be answering Charlotte's question about what to do when you have an off day and things go downhill quickly.